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photo of Rep. Alice Hausman Alice Hausman, State Representative - Minnesota House - District 66

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Campaign donations

Checks can be sent to:

Hausman Volunteer Committee
1447 Chelmsford St.
St Paul, MN 55108
Contact the campaign if you need further information.

Minnesota Political Contribution Refund (PCR)

Contributors who are Minnesota residents are eligible to participate in the Political Contribution Refund program. Under the program, an individual can give up to $50 to the Hausman campaign and receive a full refund for that amount from the state. (Married couples may apply jointly for a refund of up to $100.) Take advantage of the opportunity to support the reelection of Alice Hausman!

The campaign will return to you a PCR receipt, a form to fill out, and a stamped envelope addressed to the Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board for you to file for your refund. The State will reimburse your contributions, customarily within three to four weeks.

You may only apply for one reimbursement for each year. You may combine multiple contributions in one application, within the limits ($50 for individuals or $100 for married couples filing jointly).

Prepared and paid for by the Hausman Volunteer Committee
1447 Chelmsford Street, St Paul, MN 55108
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